Friday, October 7, 2011

Stillbirth Summit

Thursday at noon in Bloomington, MN the Stillbirth Summit began. This is an effort to promote research and awareness and education on still birth an other pregnancy loss conditions. We were able to hear ideas and research from specialists worldwide. Doctors and researchers from Australia, New Zeland, Europe and the US were able to sit around tables and discuss their latests research and findings. I pray for these people and the tireless efforts they are putting in to help prevent other families from the sorrow we have experienced. First to speak today was Harvey Kliman, MD, PhD from Yale University School of Medicine. I am by no means a medically minded person but I was still able to be captivated by all he had to talk about.

And perhaps someday I will be able to share some of what I heard from these brillian minds, but for now ... I have a child sacked out in the living room and yes one alseep on the stairs ... guess I better go get ready for bed :-)

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