Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Pictures from this weekend at the Stillbirth Summit

Attending The Stillbirth Summit, hosted by Star Legacy Foundation was an emotional but incredibly hopeful weekend. While its so hard to hear story after story of loss, it was encouraging to see medical professionals and researchers come together to make a difference. Hopefully because of this weekend, fewer families will have to hear that their baby will not be born alive.

I was blessed to meet and visit with Candi, founder of Missing GRACE Foundation, she is the beautiful lady on the right. And I was also blessed to meet the Kristen, the beautiful lady on the left. She is the founder of Faces of Loss, Faces of Hope

We had the honor of hearing from Dr James Collins and many other researchers, who are working to save babies.

Saturday morning I was blessed to be part of a session on The Healing Arts, sharing ideas about how creativity and art can help families grieve and heal. I joined Susan and Naomi, two of the most compassionate and talented women I know (please click on their names to goto their sites):
We wanted to offer baby loss parents ideas on how creating or crafting or using the arts can help process their grief ... there is no "right way", but we offered different ideas they could try. And we also wanted to let nurses and other medical staff know these kinds of things can be offered to grieving parents.

We brought enough beading, painting, and craft supplies that other moms and health professionals were able to choose something to make:

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