Sunday, October 16, 2011

Can't remember the last time I felt so tired!

Don't think I will be posting many words today ... have had a nap, but still exhausted!!! I'm sure part of the reason is emotional. Last weekend I spent three days at The StillBirth Summit, and while it was extreemly encouraging to see health professionals and researchers longing to make a difference, it was heartbreaking to hear so many stories of loss. And this weekend we spent two days in RedWing for the Oct 15th Memorial. This journey of loss and grief is sad and painful, but I have met some amazing women on my path. I am reminded that God can bring beauty from ashes. And part of that beaut for me this weekend was seeing so many support each other and seeing our babies remembered and talked about.

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  1. Everything looks so beautiful <3

    Thinking of you