Saturday, November 12, 2011

Veterans Day

I married a sailor back in the 1990s when our country was in "wartime". Certainly not the wartime my grandpas knew when they served, but still I said goodbye to my sweet husband just 3 short months after we married, as he left for a 3 month patrol. He would be home for several months and then gone for several months. No letters, no phone calls, no emails to submarines (an occasional mail drop IF they made a quick port call anywhere) ... so as families of submariners we learned to live without much communication ... we wondered where they were and if they were safe... and were over joyed at each homecoming. All those men proudly served their country and did their jobs to keep our country free. We were proud to be their families and we supported the job they did. I have always been very proud of my amazing hubby, proud of his service and just proud of the man he is. I am blessed!

I am glad that our boys attend a school where Veteran's Day is recognized with a special chapel service. The students each brought in pictures of the veterans they know and local veterans were invited to join us. Looking at the many pictures of the men and woman who served our country and are still serving our country made me wish I had more pictures to honor the veterans I know and love. So below is a collage of my pictures (of my grandpas, my father in law and my hubby) and then a few more internet images pulled together for a Veterans Day post.

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