Tuesday, November 8, 2011

A Lesson In Gratitude - my pictures

My dear friend Beryl came up with a wonderful photo assignment idea for November. And since I am really having a tough time being thankful, or even content this time of year I thought I would give her assignment a try. She has titled this assignment A Lesson In Gratitude

I do not feel I gave this assignment the motive, energy or location it deserves, but this is where my life took me today ... Since our older two boys have been up north hunting at my parents cabin since Friday. We figured meeting for dinner somewhere halfway would be a good idea tonight. That way I got my boys back before too late and we could all eat out for my mom's bday. We ended up at the Blue Heron Grill ... and I think we will be frequenting this establishment again (now knowing that it is right off the highway about halfway between our house and the cabin). It happened to be kids night, so for every adult meal we got a free kids meal (always helpful!) and Justin the Magician was there to entertain us. Everyone had a good time and good food. So I took pictures of the people I love, people I am truly thankful for. And because I could, I took a few pictures of some yummy stuff too.

I'd love to show you the results but its taking too long to edit pics and make a collage tonight ... I've already made several mistakes due to eyes not focusing ... so logging off till tomorrow. but I will leave you with this lovely shot of the chaos that is my family:

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