Friday, November 4, 2011

Deer Hunting

Made my young "hunters" take a quick picture with their mama before heading up north to hunt with my dad, my grandpa, my uncle and my cousins. They will be gone 4 nights ... my house already seems quieter and emptier. Some might wonder why I don't just "enjoy it" and I suppose one night of less chaos is ok, but really I love our full and noisy house. I love stepping over toys and endless laundry and sometimes five voices talking at once ... ok maybe its not that I love those issues its the reason there are toys on my floor and endless laundry and chatter ... CHILDREN!

Life in our house is chaos at times, true. It is often messy, true again. But the love and joy that fill my heart spills over and covers so much more than the mundane things like dirty laundry, piled up dishes and toys our of place. I am blessed by each and every moment I spend with my kids, so when they are gone I do miss them. I miss then terribly. Do I stop them from going on fun trips like this, or to camps and retreats, no of course not. I know the value and I know that my influence in not the only one God is seeking to use to prepare them for the plans he has for them. What they can learn at camp and on mission trips and up at the cabin with my dad and my grandpa are things that God did not equip me to teach. I will continue to love and cherish each moment I have with them and I will miss them each moment we are apart, but I will pray that they experience the goodness of the Lord wherever he takes them this weekend and anytime they are away from home. And if they happen to shoot a deer I will gladly cook venison this winter! Here are a few pictures from another weekend they were hunting this fall:

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