Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Made it 25 weeks!

Make a pregnancy ticker

We are glad that this little one continues to grow and develop "right on track" according to my doctors, despite the fact that my progesterone and iron levels continue to be very low, even though I'm on prescribed supplements and my blood sugar and liver levels continue to rise. Theoretically all of that could have negative affects to baby, but so far little one is tolerating his/her mom's medical issues. I do have obsteric cholestasis again (as I have in earlier pregnancies) so we are now visiting the OB office and ultrasound tech once a week to keep an eye on baby and placenta.

I am excited to say we have made it to 25 weeks! This is good news since according to The March of Dimes and University of Maryland Medical Center "about 50 percent of babies born at 24 weeks survive".

Two weeks ago (on Valentines Day) we had another high quality ultrasound. Here are a few of the amazing 3D/4D photos we got of our little bean:

In these next two you can see a foot up by his/her head

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