Thursday, March 1, 2012


Uh-oh ... someone asked me about babywearing ... this could be a long post.
OK, I'll admit that I cheated and went back through my archives and found a post I wrote in 2009 ... tweaked it a bit, but it all still applies!

So, how, where, and when do I wear my babies? Lets see ...

From tiny pink newborns

to a toddler at his brothers t-ball game

From oh so casual tie dying event

To all fancy and dressed up

From snowy MN

To the beaches of Argentina

From caring for a sick little one at home

To cheering on the MN Twins in the Metrodome


And I should probably add:

A great place to read reviews on each kind of carrier is

My favorite place to order new slings and wraps

My wraps are:
and Didymos

My Mei Tais are:
A Maya Tai
and a Sachi

My Ring Slings are:
Maya Wrap Ring Sling
Over the Shoulder Baby Holder

And if you would like to hear from other babywearing mama's and see some of their favorites please visit: Stephanie at Adventures in Babywearing


  1. That is so funny! I was just looking at this the other night, and the first thing I saw on my blog reader was this post! :-)

    I love the idea of babywearing. It seems so practical, and so obviously, well, "duh, why not?" that I have wondered why in the world we don't see more of it. :-)


  2. Hi Heather I have been here many times to read I don't remember if I left a comment? You have such a beautiful family just wanted to let you know I am reading. I love wearing my babies!