Saturday, June 18, 2011

Saturday Snapshopts

Ali, over at An Ordinary Mom, came up with an awesome idea a few months back ... and in her own words its "simply about capturing the moments, snapshots of our weeks, captured on your top-of-the-line camera, your bottom-of-the-line camera, or even your old cell-phone… "

Click here to read more about her idea and then please come join us for
Saturday Snapshots

I believe the official first day of summer is just around the corner ... Tues, right? Well this weekend we saw a sure sign of summer, right on our own street! And actually before we could "see" it we could "hear" it ... that sweet carousel type music of our ice cream truck. Then kids come running, waving dollar bills they begged off their parents and enjoy a chilly treat on a warm summer day. We really only see this truck once a week ... which is nice, I don't mind letting them splurge on over priced cold sugar once a week :-) But it did make me think "Ahhh ... summer is really here"


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