Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Baby Day!!!!

We arrived at 7am!

 Very blessed to be surrounded by great love from my hubby and dear friend KaraJo, and a great nurse who enjoyed taking pictures almost as much as I do!  She made sure we got that "one last belly pic"  and plenty of "scrubs pics" while we were waiting for doctors and anesthesiologist to arrive

Getting ready to have our baby:

 Took the Doctors a while to get things moving, so I asked for my phone and took a picture from my view:

Comfort and strength truly surrounding me:

                     And ...
                                                 ... Its a BOY!

Getting weighed:

 Getting "tagged" with name bracelet and security alarm

Getting a hat and warm blanket:

Daddy bringing baby to meet Mommy


 Baby's first snack ... with some positioning help from Kara, while we are still in the OR

 After an extra hour in the OR, because my non-pregnant uterus (remember I have two uteri) started to bleed too ... finally on our way to recovery all together ... the doctors, nurses, anesthesiologist and other Fairview staff were wonderful!!! 

 Dr Rice holding Baby (still un-named) and looking at my book of pictures of the other kids as newborns ... thinking he looks most like Gus or Zeke

We thought this was cool, as you enter the Maternal Assesment Area at Labor and Delivery these framed art pieces with bible verses are along one wall.

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  1. CONGRATULATIONS Heather!!! He is so cute!!

    Welcome to the outside world baby Kairos! I'm sure your 5 angel siblings are watching from Heaven and smiling just as your 5 living siblings are. :)