Monday, May 23, 2011

Our Angel Babies Names ... written in the sand

There is this wonderful mommy, Carly, in Australia who took her grief and sadness after losing her tiny son and she turned it into help and healing for not just her but many angle mommies. She takes the most beautiful sunset pictures at a beach near her house. And while you can buy her photography if you would like, for parents that have lost a child of any age (before, during or after birth) She will write the name of our angels in the sand and photograph it for free and then post the pictures along with what ever other information you wish to post.

To see the beautiful pictures Carly took during sunset on a beach in Australia click on each name:

Liberty angel date Nov 15 2004

Elijah angel date Sept 2007

Eden angel date Aug 2010

Journey angel date May 2011

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