Friday, March 12, 2010

Dead Sea Scrolls

Last night I had the pleasure of attending the opening night of the Dead Sea Scrolls exhibit at the Science Museum of Minnesota. Thanks, Dad, for taking me along as your guest!

It was an amazing evening, I took quite a few pictures but neither my pictures nor my words will even come close to the greatness of this exhibit. If you are in MN, please do put this on your must do list.

Cameras and photos were not allowed inside the exhibit but my dad was an invited guest to the "Premier Private Reception celebrating the opening of the Dead Sea Scrolls exhibition", so I took plenty of pictures there. For the reception they served us delicious flavors and aromas from the middle east. There was also lively music from Mark Stillman and Voices of Sepharad. The Science Museum did an excellent job transporting our senses of sight, smell and taste to the area near Jerusalem where the Dead Sea Scrolls were accidentally discovered by shepards back in 1947. Not only the food, but the music, the drinks, the whole atmosphere was wonderful!!! It really set the stage to take in this great exhibit.

We were also honored to hear Dr Eric Jolly, President of The Science Museum of Minnesota speak and then we heard from Shuka Dorfman, from the Israel Antiquities Authority, where the scrolls are cared for, preserved and housed when they not part of an exhibit. Another blessing of the evening came just at the end of the exhibit. After seeing the actual pieces of the Dead Sea Scrolls we were lead into another room, where we were transported back into this century. On display was information about and some of the actual folios from The Saint Johns Bible. I did not realize until I saw some of those pages what a great undertaking this is that has been commissioned by St Johns Abbey and University right here in Minnesota. If you have not heard about The Saint John’s Bible, which is the world’s newest hand-scribed illustrated Bible, and the first to be commissioned in 500 years, please visit HERE to learn more and even see some of the pages.

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